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Corporate Overview

International Learning, Survey Solutions is a provider of survey development technologies and expertise.  Our services include survey design, validation, information gathering and report production/distribution.  Our goal is to always be world class in the eyes of our customers at creating well-designed performance improvement programs in partnership with our worldwide affiliates.


Mission Statement

We are partners in service with our clients and affiliates in the mutually rewarding work of helping people to reach their performance improvement goals.  To this end, we will always strive to maintain a leadership position in technology and market knowledge.


Organizational History

International Learning Inc.,Survey Solutions was founded by John Corbett in 1978, based on the perceived need and later realized potential of the concept of Social Style awareness training.  During the first few years, the company's primary clients were U.S. Federal Agencies.  Several of these clients cooperated in providing participants for research in cooperation with the faculty of Georgia State University.  This led to the development of proprietary instruments such as the Interpersonal Style Profile.


Beginning in 1982, the company expanded its scope through the development of custom survey processing software.  This led to an expansion of services, including the development of a family of performance improvement tools.

In 1987, International Learning developed an agreement with Rubbermaid Corporation in which product development was partially underwritten in exchange for favorable prices on instruments and courseware.


Over the years, consultants began to affiliate with our organization, particularly those with expertise in interpersonal skills training.  This led to the establishment of International Learning Affiliates, a strategic alliance of consulting companies that today specialize in a range of survey development services.  There are now 45 consulting company members of ILA worldwide.


In november 1994 , we opened our office in Europe to provide better services to our European clients. This office is located in Zwijndrecht, Holland.  Today, International Learning Inc., Survey Solutions and  International Learning Europe continue to nurture our relationships with our clients and each other with the goal of always learning and contributing.  Service effectiveness in this sense is based on shared knowledge supported by innovative survey development technologies.

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